Full Body Guided Meditation

Full Body Guided Meditation
Full Body Guided Meditation
Item# FBSCAN-01

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Run Time: 19:59

Price: $3.00

Full Body Guided Meditation is a 20-minute guided meditation/visualization that has sold thousands as an iTunes app. In fact, it our most successful iTunes affirmation app. Now it is available for the first time as an mp3 download on The Affirmation Spot.

This extended visualization takes you to a deep, refreshing place of relaxation, as it leads you on a conscious journey around your body. This recording is fantastic for general relaxation or for conscious body awareness activities.

Full Body Guided Meditation can be listened to during meditation, while doing yoga or light exercise. It can be used at bedtime or first thing in the morning. It is not recommended for use while driving or when you need to stay fully awake.

The experience is enhanced by the meditative electronic music track and the addition of relaxing Theta Waves. Full Body Guided Meditation makes a great addition to your relaxation recording library.

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